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The story of fashion destroying the rivers of the world

RiverBlue Extended Trailer

RiverBlue Trailer


2 Responses
  1. Janet Wadsworth says:

    You are an incredible man Mark. I have been an admirer of yours throughout the years at BCIT with your work on the rivers in our own Province. You never fail to amaze me on your love for waterways and how you are constantly fighting to educate different countries on the health of their waterways. Keep up the fight as there is no one out there that could do it better than you.
    An Admirer, Jan Wadsworth

  2. Warren Carr says:

    Hello Mark and Roger,

    Mark I think we may have passed each other in the halls at BCIT as years ago I was there in E & E and Broadcast. I shifted to PEMC which was in the basement of the library. It became the predecessor of the Knowledge Network. Today after a multi-decade career in motion picture production I find myself drawn back to supporting documentaries.

    Roger and I go back a ways also and we’ve recently connected which lead to an introduction to River Blue.

    All I can say is I am here to help. (and I believe I can.)

    Warren Carr
    Member – Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
    Founder Econeutral Entertainment. (